Iggy’s – No Gimmicks, Just Reliable

Iggy's Singapore food

While my recent meals at Iggy's have not disappointed, they've not entirely wowed me either. The good thing is that it's not gimmicky and food is nicely cooked and tasty. With reliable service, I still see Iggy's as a good (and safe) place to bring clients but not necessarily a restaurant I would rush back to on my own time. However, with a good set of friends, it's still a nice evening out.

The one thing that's nice about Iggy's is their effort to change up the menu for their...

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Orchard Road Tasty Quick Bite – Gyoza Ya in Robinson’s

Gyoza Ya Orchard Road
Pork gyoza
Gyoza Ya Orchard Road
Chicken cartilage

Singapore – I had a quick bite at Gyoza Ya in Robinson’s (at the Heeren Building on Orchard Rd.) basement the other day. Overall, it’s tasty food. Noodles – the Jya Jya men, chicken cartilage, fried tofu starter and the pork gyoza were good. Cheap and cheerful if you’re in need of a pick-up while shopping.

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Melbourne City Walk – Arcades and Lanes

Melbourne city walk

One thing great about Melbourne is that there are a variety of nicely laid out walks. This makes it easier for visitors like me who may have a few hours to spare and don't want to spend the whole time shopping. I checked out one of the suggested routes recently that took me through the city's historical lanes and arcades.

The Melbourne Visitor (tourism) Centre in Federation Square is the best place to start. I picked up a map that outlined the route - "Arcades and Lanes" - I wanted to do...

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Pinacotheque’s Singapore Museum Opens

Museums in Singapore

One of the largest private museums in Paris - Pinacotheque - has opened a branch in Singapore. Known to be like a mini-Louvre given the breadth of its collection, the Paris museum's Singapore arm is housing both a permanent collection as well as a rotating exhibit. The current feature is based on Cleopatra and her myth, which I think is the more interesting exhibit at the moment. The permanent collection is small and, alas, feels disjointed.

Firstly, if you're going to visit and are...

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