Tokyo: A Walk Around Asakusa

On a recent business trip to Tokyo, I had a couple of free hours and decided to drop in on Asakusa, an old part of the city with a historic temple. The thing about Tokyo is that for historical cultural landmarks, it just can't compare to Kyoto. Some of this is because a number of temples and shrines and their surrounding areas have been rebuilt. This is certainly true of Asakusa. The place was also incredibly crowded - full of tourists as well as locals going to make their Sunday...

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Sushi Shikon – Sushi Yoshitake’s Excellent 3-Star Hong Kong Outpost

Sushi Shikon's uni sushi

To be awarded three Michelin stars anywhere is quite a big deal and I was all the more curious about this sushi-ya in Hong Kong to see if it measured up to those in Japan. It was only at the end of the meal that I found out that Shikon is the Hong Kong branch of Tokyo's Sushi Yoshitake, also 3-starred. Happily, I think Shikon measures up to its Tokyo parent although given the relative cost, I think the Tokyo original is more affordable.

I'd actually been to Sushi Yoshitake back in...

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Lobster Bobo – Lots More than Lobster

Tucked in a non-descript corner in Hong Kong's Sheung Wan area is Lobster Bobo by Eddy where I found really good quality seafood prepared by the former chef of Hong Kong's chief executive. While lobster dishes are a highlight, this casual eatery also does an amazing multi-course tasting menu that changes monthly.

Because of its simple surroundings and plating, I'd describe Lobster Bobo as home cooking if you just happen to have a star chef as your cook. No doubt this is...

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Mak’s Noodles – A Hong Kong Favourite Hits Singapore

A bowl of Wonton noodles

Hong Kong has the best wonton noodles because the noodles are springy while the wontons are almost a whole prawn. So when the famous Hong Kong wonton eatery Mak's Noodles opened a branch in Singapore, I was really keen to check it out. As a comparison, during a recent trip to Hong Kong, I dropped in on the original. I think the Hong Kong outlet on Wellington St. is still better but the Singapore branch will save on the airfare.

This famous Hong Kong wonton eatery opened in...

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Medieval Tuscan Highlights – Siena and San Gimignano

Siena's Piazza del Campo

Two of central Tuscany's most popular visits are to Siena and San Gimignano. Both are walled cities with unique landmarks including San Gimignano's towers and Siena's striped cathedral and famous town square. Both are also cities that peaked during the middle ages and which eventually came under Florentine control during the Renaissance.

While we could easily spend more than a day in each city, especially Siena, we dropped in on San Gimignano in the morning and went onto...

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