Terra – Italian with a Tokyo Touch

Terra Singapore

Terra restaurant is proof again that a Japanese twist on western products and food often surpasses the original. Chef Seita Nakamura's cuisine is firmly rooted in what he terms "Tokyo Italian", which is recognisably Italian but with ingredients that are Japanese. If done well, and Terra does, the traditional European dishes have a more subtle touch and some novelty.

Located on Tras Street in Singapore, which is now home to a number of good eateries, Terra is open Mondays to...

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Tamaya Dining – Good Sushi Without Mortgaging Your House

Update: Sushi chef Koike Koji recently resigned from Tamaya so the quality and dishes could be changing.

Let's face it, the economy is a bit challenging these days and so we look of alternatives to get our sushi fix without breaking the bank. Tamaya Dining in Singapore's "Japan Town" - essentially the area within and around Cuppage Plaza just off Orchard Road - is a good place to scratch that sushi itch.

This izakaya seats around 16 people downstairs around the...

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Santorini Must Do – Walking Along the Caldera to Oia


Fira to Oia is one of the best walks I've done - classic Greek island scenery from start to finish. Think white abodes against the deep blue Mediterranean sky and sea as you walk along the rim of the caldera. This was about as much fun an amateur photographer could have. To top it off, we had a good lunch in Oia.

We were here for a day, one of the stops on our Mediterranean cruise. With the dilemma that we only had limited time and wanted to do something that would allow us to enjoy...

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Cinque Terre – 48 Hours in Italy’s Prettiest Villages

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre has to be one of the most memorable parts of the world. The pastel buildings of the five fishing villages hugging the steep hills, encroaching into the pristine blue sea as seen in the photo of Manarola at dusk has to be one of the more iconic travel photos ever taken. This is great place for walkers and amateur photographers with the villages linked by a series of hiking paths and amazing scenery at every bend. The five fishing villages (hence Cinque Terre which means five...

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L’Astrance’s Pascal Barbot Guest Chefs at Shangri-La Blu

A short stint by Pascal Barbot of Michelin 3-starred L'Astrance in Shangri-La's Blu restaurant gave us in Singapore a chance to try the renowned chef's cooking. I've been trying to get into L'Astrance on my occasional trips to Paris and when I found out he'd be cooking in Singapore, I jumped at the opportunity. Although it's never the same as eating in his eatery itself given that we won't necessarily get all the good produce here, I think that there is so much more available here nowadays...

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