Cinque Torri – Short, Pleasant Walk in the Dolomites

Dolomites trails

When the skiing season is over, the Dolomites turns into a picturesque location for great walks. Easy access by car from Verona or Venice and ample choice of good restaurants and lodgings, makes this a very comfortable destination. The walks are varied from relatively easy short walks to multi-day hikes. The latter is not something we're prepared to do so we focused on a few key walks that we knew we'd be able to manage. One of the easier and shorter walks in Italy's Dolomites is that...

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The Art of Soy – Tofu in Kyoto

Shojin Ryori cuisine

Kyoto tofu is the best in the world - perfected by buddhist monks over centuries. Tofu here is varied - from the skin (yuba) to the squares in broth (yudofu) - but never bland and dull. And this also has a lot to do with how Kyoto cuisine has elevated the use of the soybean. On my visits to Kyoto, I will always hunt down some good tofu focused and "shojin ryori" (buddhist cuisine) restaurants and here are some suggestions. To note, all of the restaurants below, except for Seike Yuba,...

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