Bam! Special Evening with Paco Perez

Bam! on its own is already worth going to but the occasional special guest chef dinners are great events. The following photos are from when Paco Perez guest chef-ed earlier this year. Paco is chef of Michelin two-starred Miramar in Llanca, Spain. The featured photo above was the first of our six courses (five savoury and one dessert). Over the sweet peas, a freeze dried consommé melts to form a thin gelatinous layer. The ingredients were fairly exotic – sea cucumber, eel and tendons – stuff that we’d find in a fine cantonese meal so it was interesting to see that it’s popular in traditional Spanish cooking too. Although these dishes aren’t on Bam!’s menu, they’re consistent with the modern Spanish food that Bam! chef-owner Pepe serves.

Sea Cucumber “Fricando”, which is a Catalan slow cooked stew normally using beef
Baby Eel “All I Pebre” is a dish from Valencia that normally uses adult eels
Baby Squid and Spanish Red Prawn in crunchy pan bottom rice
Ox Tail and Tendons Stew
Prince from Beukelauer so named as it is Paco’s version of the popular Prince de LU cookie that is stuffed with chocolate