Hi! Welcome to my blog. I started this site during a period of unemployment, marrying my two main hobbies – travel and photography. Since my friends and family were often asking me for my trip itineraries, I thought I may as well share them. And really, that was all the encouragement I needed – any excuse to talk about travel.  And since eating has become a key part of my travel experience – and one which friends are also keen on – I’ve included views on eateries that I or my friends have enjoyed. Finally, while this is definitely not my area of expertise, there are some tips on staying fit while on the road which I’ve collated from some expert trainers. I hope you find the content on the site helpful and that it inspires some trip ideas. Happy gazing and grazing!

Gazing – refers to the travel portion of my site. The narratives in the travel section are categorised by geography. But I’ve also included in a separate section that holds only recommended itineraries. There may be some deviation in the posted itinerary from one which I actually undertook because on hind sight, some things can be done better.

Grazing – refers to the food & drink portion of my site. During one of our more gluttonous trips, the feeling was that we had been feeding all day – like grazing cows. The narratives here are also categorised by geography.

Photos – a general category of photo gallery posts. Occasionally, I may use a photo from a friend and this is attributed separately. I am an amateur photographer so there’s still a lot to learn.

Stay Well – this really comes out of an attempt to balance out the grazing part of my trips. Alas, it remains an attempt but I hope some of you have better luck in this category.