Sicily – Road Trip from Palermo to Catania

View of Mt Etna at sunrise from the roof of the UNA Hotel Palace in Catania

The scenic route between Palermo and Catania this past April, gave us a chance to enjoy more of Sicily's rural scenery. Although taking the SS120 was not wholly our choice but due to a landslide that damaged the A19 expressway linking the two cities, it nonetheless worked out fine for us. We savored the area's famous fungi over lunch at Ristorante Veneziano in Randazzo near Mt. Etna. And once in Catania, we took a morning walk to its main fish market.

So it was much longer ride of...

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Sicily – Cusumano Visit, Wine from Sea to Slopes

Highest vineyards in Europe

The third visit of our April wine tour of Italy took us to Sicily where we dropped in on Cusumano's winery in Palermo and had a tour of the company's new vineyards on the slopes of Mt. Etna. The tasting introduced us to some fascinating new wines, including an extremely promising white wine, as well as some of Palermo's best "street" food. The vineyard visit gave us some amazing views on Etna.

Cusumano is a Palermo based company producing a variety of white and red wines, ranging...

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Palermo – Squeezing in the City Highlights in a Half Day

Palatine chapel in Palermo

We spent our free morning in Palermo, before going to our Cusamano winery visit, with a walk around the city's old town and a drive to the sea. The highlights for me were a visit to the opera house, the Cappella Palatino and despite the decay, the city's old town store fronts. Palermo is grungy - more third world in feel - but this makes for some interesting photos and if you're a Godfather movie buff, there are a number of familiar spots.

1. Teatro Massimo - Palermo's Opera...

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