Sasagin, Tokyo – Late Summer Goodness at a Favourite Izakaya

Every time I visit Tokyo, I look forward to squeezing in dinner at Sasagin especially when there are seasonal goodies to try. This time round the Sanma fish (or Pacific Saury in english and, according to Wikipedia, also known as the mackerel pike) was in season and it was simply grilled with salt. The Sanma is an oily fish but much less fishy than mackerel or sardine. And when its grilled just right with salt, all you need is a squeeze of lime or lemon. While also known for a great...

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Hanamaru, Tokyo – Best Conveyor Belt Sushi has a Ginza Branch

I'd happily recommend Hanamaru to anyone looking for good sushi in Tokyo and now that its Ginza branch is open, it's even better. This is conveyor belt sushi that renders a visit to a Michelin-starred sushi-ya unnecessary for the most part, especially as I could eat almost 12 times at Hanamaru for the cost of a single meal at the loftier restaurants (JPY 2,500 which is around USD 25 left me very full and happy enough to cry). The fish is fresh and Hanamaru serves some Hokkaido specialities...

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Gotetsu – Simply Good Chicken Yakitori

Recommended by a 3-star Michelin sushi chef, I knew that Gotetsu in Tokyo's Akasaka neighbourhood had to be good. And it was simply that. Gotetsu specialises in chicken yakitori served in an unassuming restaurant that seats probably not more than 25. We had all parts of the chicken including some of the best innards I've tried.

The restaurant is less than a five minute walk from the Akasaka subway station and located on a street behind Akasaka's main street. The clientele was local...

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Tokyo’s Butagumi – For Pork Cutlet Lovers, This Place Takes the Bacon

Butagumi pork cutlet

A friend just asked me for some restaurant recommendations in Tokyo and although there are numerous great places to eat, I always make a point of going to tonkatsu (pork cutlet) specialist Butagumi. This is seriously gourmet tonkatsu where you get to choose the type of pork you want. Butagumi describes the taste of the various kinds of pork in their menu (light, rich, flavourful, etc.), with cuts that come from all over Japan as well as overseas, including Berkshire, Iberico and Bigorre....

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Tokyo’s Sasagin – Great Food and Sake in this Izakaya

Sasagin Izakaya

There is a lot of good food in Japan - essentially places that mainly locals go and Sasagin would be one such neighbourhood izakaya. Izakaya, in my mind, are like pubs or tapas bars where the focus is on the drinks and generally decent food happens to be served as an accompaniment. In Sasagin's case, the food is also excellent while sake is the owner's forte.

A Japanese foodie friend recommended we come to Sasagin - good food without having to pay a lot for it. While not much english...

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