Four Days in Italy’s Dolomites

Tre Cime Dolomites

Four days in Italy's Dolomites is not enough but it's better than none. This area is best known for its skiing in the winter. But it was great visiting in the early fall when you can walk the ski routes, and presumably nice in the summer too. I think I'll aim to come again in either late May or September when I imagine the weather will be close to perfect. The Dolomites are easily accessible from either Verona or Venice. It's a three hour drive from Verona to La Villa, where we stayed, or...

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Cinque Terre – 48 Hours in Italy’s Prettiest Villages

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre has to be one of the most memorable parts of the world. The pastel buildings of the five fishing villages hugging the steep hills, encroaching into the pristine blue sea as seen in the photo of Manarola at dusk has to be one of the more iconic travel photos ever taken. This is great place for walkers and amateur photographers with the villages linked by a series of hiking paths and amazing scenery at every bend. The five fishing villages (hence Cinque Terre which means five...

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Palermo – Squeezing in the City Highlights in a Half Day

Palatine chapel in Palermo

We spent our free morning in Palermo, before going to our Cusamano winery visit, with a walk around the city's old town and a drive to the sea. The highlights for me were a visit to the opera house, the Cappella Palatino and despite the decay, the city's old town store fronts. Palermo is grungy - more third world in feel - but this makes for some interesting photos and if you're a Godfather movie buff, there are a number of familiar spots.

1. Teatro Massimo - Palermo's Opera...

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Three days in Piedmont, Italy

La Morra Cerequio

This suggested itinerary accompanies my earlier blog, More Than a Oenophile's Dream. Read the blog for more detail and photos. 

Access: Piedmont is within easy reach of Milan, Genoa as well as Nice and Monte Carlo but you will need a car to reach the towns and get around. The main city of Turin is well connected by train so you could opt to rent a car in Turin. However, if you are in Milan, I recommend picking up the car in Milan and...

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