Remembering Nepal – Photos from 1995

I did a trek (part of the Annapurna circuit) in Nepal in Nov. 1995 and also visited Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Chitwan. It was breathtaking in beauty and also due to my lack of fitness. And it was also quite an adventure, which included an overturned bus. I do hope they rebuild much of what was devastated and that tourism, which is such a large part of their economy, recovers. Donations are likely to remain needed for years to come.

I wish I had better photo skills and equipment back then. The colour in my negatives have started to fade so I’ve converted most of the photos into black & white except for a couple where you can sort of tell that the original colours would have been stunning.

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India – Manali to Leh Roadtrip Photos 2003

Back in July 2003, I took a road trip in northern India from Manali to Leh (Ladakh). I undertook this trip through Country Holidays in Singapore who still offers this tour. It’s worth doing – scenery is amazing and the food was surprisingly good (I love Indian food anyway). These are probably the better photos from the trip. I hadn’t gone digital yet so these were either taken with negative film (Fujifilm Reala), positives (Velvia or Provia) or black & white film (Neopan) using Carl Zeiss lens on either a Yashica or Contax body. One of my cameras malfunctioned so I lost more than a third of the shots I took.  Nowadays with digital, at least you’ll know immediately if there’s something wrong!

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