Violets and More are Blue at Gardens by the Bay

Blue is the latest feature in the Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome. Blue Beauties, as the Gardens refers to them, is one of the least common colours for plants. As it happens to be my favourite colour, I just had to go have a look. Alas, it was an underwhelming show compared to some of the others in the past. Perhaps true blue is indeed a hard colour to find but it would have been great to see some blue irises or forget-me-nots. On the bright side, I still managed to give my macro lens...

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Mid-Autumn Lights at Gardens by the Bay

The giant light displays at the Gardens by the bay are a nice reminder of the Mid-Autumn Festival that used to be one of my favourite childhood festivals. Every evening until September 18, these "lanterns" will be lit highlighting the various folktales that surround the festival. In addition, as the Singapore Art Festival is also going on, Ron Arad's 720 degrees art installation is set up in The Meadow of the Gardens. The installation consists of projected images on a "curtain" of silicon...

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Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Power

Over the past few months, Gardens by the Bay has put on some temporary displays at its Flower Dome that have been fun to photograph. First there was Lilytopia in June and then the Orchid Extravaganza that was part of the Singapore Garden Festival. Having missed the events earlier this year (tulips, cherry blossoms), I now make a point to check their website for upcoming features. I think it's time I bought their annual membership!

More photos from Lilytopia below (there...

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Fancy Garden Gnomes? Singapore Garden Festival 2016 Pics

Garden by the Bay

The Singapore Garden Festival is biennial event that showcases floral and garden designs with global contributors competing for prizes. Lasting just one week, it was evident that participants took a lot of time to put together the exhibits, ranging from floral displays to the latest landscaping ideas to large fantasy gardens and back to plants displayed like bento boxes. There were giant twirling floral arrangements in the lake at the Gardens by the Bay and tons of garden gnomes in a...

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Nice Day Out at Singapore’s National Orchid Garden

As a friend says, the Botanical Gardens is possibly the best thing about Singapore and certainly, the National Orchid Garden is one key reason. I do a regular Sunday walk at the Botanical Gardens but seldom go into the National Orchid Garden because there's usually a SGD5.00 fee and it's not part of the exercise routine. However, it really is a small fee to pay as the area is beautifully landscaped and there is a wide variety of orchids you don't normally see elsewhere. Since my walking...

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