Bam! Special Evening with Paco Perez

Bam! on its own is already worth going to but the occasional special guest chef dinners are great events. The following photos are from when Paco Perez guest chef-ed earlier this year. Paco is chef of Michelin two-starred Miramar in Llanca, Spain. The featured photo above was the first of our six courses (five savoury and one dessert). Over the sweet peas, a freeze dried consommé melts to form a thin gelatinous layer. The ingredients were fairly exotic - sea cucumber, eel and tendons -...

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Les Amis is Still On Top of its Game

Les Amis (website) remains one of Singapore's top fine dining destinations. It has been a standout for decades but I haven't eaten here in a few years and so a visit a few months back surprised me positively. The restaurant's current chef, Sebastien Lepinoy, hails from France and settles Les Amis with quality modern french cooking with a lighter touch. While Singapore's Michelin rankings may have left some surprised, I do think that Les Amis genuinely deserves its two-starred accolade. And...

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Akira Back in Singapore Melds Japanese and Korean Influences Delectably

From his Korean roots, Akira Back blends in a Japanese reverence for subtlety and quality inputs to produce deliciously creative dishes with a nuance of America. The main foundation of the food remains raw fish (Akira is a trained sushi chef) but it has been given a twist using Korean influenced sauces and garnishing. Within all this is a decidedly modern presentation.  Akira has restaurants located in Las Vegas, Seoul and Jakarta but we ate at his Singapore branch, which sits in...

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Otowa Yakitori – My Vote for Singapore’s Best Yakitori

Otowa Yakitori is possibly Singapore's best yakitori restaurant - it's an authentic, hole-in-the-wall place with no frills but an intense attention to the quality of its food. The chicken skin is grilled evenly crispy and the quail eggs melt-in-your mouth.

As a measure of its authenticity, Otowa serves a variety of raw chicken which is only possible because the restaurant gets its chicken delivered on the day that it's slaughtered. However, it's the cooked food that I like.

Located on...

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Andre – Still the Premier Restaurant in Singapore

Restaurant Andre remains on top of my list for fine-dining restaurants in Singapore. My one gripe is that dinner here is quite pricey so coming for lunch was much more palatable and no less satisfying. Frankly, its two Michelin stars were no surprise to me. I've always found that Chef Andre's cooking is pleasingly creative but easy to eat as well and that his standards are on par with that of many illustrious restaurants elsewhere.

Andre only serves a set menu and lunch consisted of a...

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