Royal J’s Seafood – Hits and Some Miss

Royal J's Seafood is a highly lauded coffeeshop for local (Singapore/Malaysia) style Chinese food with some standout dishes but also some odd items. For me, the outstanding items were the fried porridge, and the two chicken dishes - one fried and one steamed. Two of the other main house specialties, the crab with glass vermicelli and the prawns with cheese, disappointed us. And with the hot weather in Singapore recently, eating at Royal J's, which is located in a food court with no air...

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Soo Kee – Still the Best Char Siu in Kuala Lumpur

Soo Kee restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Decades on, the best char siu is still found in Soo Kee, a simple local restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Located further down Jalan Ampang just before turning off to Ukay Heights, Restaurant Yuen Soo Kee is a family owned operation where patrons mainly come for the barbecue pork (chinese style or "char siu"). This is Malaysian style char siu which is nicely caramelised and fattier than Hong Kong style char siu. Besides the char siu, the tofu, fried spring roll, steamed fish among other dishes are...

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Mak’s Noodles – A Hong Kong Favourite Hits Singapore

A bowl of Wonton noodles

Hong Kong has the best wonton noodles because the noodles are springy while the wontons are almost a whole prawn. So when the famous Hong Kong wonton eatery Mak's Noodles opened a branch in Singapore, I was really keen to check it out. As a comparison, during a recent trip to Hong Kong, I dropped in on the original. I think the Hong Kong outlet on Wellington St. is still better but the Singapore branch will save on the airfare.

This famous Hong Kong wonton eatery opened in...

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PS. Cafe Petit’s Local Goodies

Malaysian-Indonesian fried rice with satay

PS. Cafe Petit at St. Martin Road features some excellent takes on local favourites: Sup Kambing, Prawn Noodle, Rickshaw Noodle, Nasi Goreng among others. These are not on the menu but written on the board above the ordering counter. We also tried a new peanut butter chocolate cake - absolutely sinful.

My cousin told me that the new local items have been available for the past few months but while I tried to test it out my last trip there in July, I ended up in Chop Suey thinking...

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Jade Palace – The Place to Go for Cantonese Food in Singapore

Sweet & Sour Iberico pork

Jade Palace is a well established Hong Kong style cantonese cuisine restaurant in Singapore. After more than 20 years, I think it is still the "go to" eatery for cantonese dining which is testament to the restaurant's consistency and focus on serving quality dishes.  We wanted to introduce our Italian wine maker friends to some Australian wines recently and thus, had a menu of some better known standards along with some new creations.

One of the outstanding staples on Jade Palace's...

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