Chalk Farm – Let Them Eat Cake!

Paragon cakes

If you're shopping in Orchard Road and need a tea break, or more appropriately - a cake break, then do drop by Chalk Farm. Located in the basement of the Paragon shopping mall, most of the cakes at this little store are really good. There are a couple bar seats on the side and they do coffee too. My personal faves are the Guinness cake, Coffee Walnut cake, Black & Gold Sesame cake, Banana Muscovado Loaf and for something more local - the Kueh Salaat.  Also, their occasional cakes...

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Wildfire – Great Gourmet Burgers

Singapore gourmet burger

My favourite gourmet burger joint in Singapore is currently Wildfire, which for me is handily located near the Botanical Gardens. High-grade beef patties are grilled and served in toasted brioche buns. Besides the lunchtime burger fare, they also do some really good breakfast/brunch burgers - sort of like a grown up Egg McMuffin.

One of the reasons the burgers are good here is the brioche bun. Firstly, I think it's the perfect size - so the meat to bread ratio is balanced. Secondly,...

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Sascha & Sons – Oy! This One Cuts the Mustard

New York deli in Singapore

A good corned beef reuben can now be found in Singapore. New York style deli Sascha & Sons is serving up all the goodies - chopped liver, lox, bagels and blintzes. Where other cafes didn't quite get the balance right, this one is spot on.

I came for brunch and tried the pastrami knish, corn beef reuben and  meat loaf sandwich. The pastrami knish was really good - this is not the potato based knish you usually see in New York, this is better. It's a flaky, buttery puff pastry...

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Meat Smith – Not Quite Smokin’ Hot

Meat Smith Singapore

The frustrating thing about Meat Smith, in my view, is that it can be really good but at this stage the taste is a bit lacking in some dishes. If this can be tweaked, then I expect there will be even more reason to return. Nonetheless, if you work in the area and are looking for a decent lunch or after work drinks, this is not a bad place to go.

The star item on the menu should be the Black Angus beef rib, which is apparently slow cooked for 14 hours. Unfortunately, while the meat is...

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