MERS and Tuberculosis – Taking Some Precautions When Flying

Hong Kong airport

Ever since the SARS outbreak in Asia in 2003, there are heightened fears that serious diseases can be caught while traveling - in particular flying. Although airplanes' air systems are meant to be able to clean up some airborne bugs, it's not foolproof especially when people are sitting in close contact anyway for a period of time. These are some additional precautions to take amid the current MERS scare and worries over drug resistant Tuberculosis.

What is the current concern...

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Air Travel – Ever Wonder Why You Feel Sleepy During Take-Off?

Flight over Alps

Ever wonder why you feel sleepy as the plane takes off or crave a tomato juice in the air? It may be because the air in the cabin gets thinner. Cabin air pressure is set normally to around 7,000 ft above sea level so it’s not noticeable if you live in Denver but sea level residents may feel fatigue. The good news is that most of us can cope with this level of air pressure and we shouldn’t feel a prolonged weariness although for some others with respiratory issues, there could be more...

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