Barcelona’s Xiringito Escriba – Surf, Sand and Good Paella

Barcelona paella

If you're looking for good traditional paella in Barcelona, then Xiringito Escriba is it.  Situated on the beach north of Port Olimpic, this was definitely a place to come for gazing and grazing. Nothing beats looking out at the sea while tucking into some fresh seafood.

We came here for lunch on a Saturday, which was all the more fun because this beach side eatery was filled with locals out to enjoy the weekend. The paella was definitely the most popular item here and you can...

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Photo – Corfu, Greece

Looking over to Corfu’s Old Fortress. We walked around Corfu’s waterfront to where I could get this view back over the water -Ionian Sea – at this historic Venetian fortress (Corfu was under the rule of the Venetian dukes from the early 14th century until 1797). Shot in May 2011 using Fujifilm Velvia 50 (non-digital, Carl Zeiss 80-200mm lens).

Corfu Castle
Old Fortress, Corfu
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Pic of the Day – Seychelles

Round Island in Seychelles is just off the coast of the main island Mahe. We took a boat over to have lunch and a look – they serve good tuna steaks there. I took this photo using my father’s old Rolleiflex mid-format camera (the box type) that is probably the same age as me. It’s got its quirks – the light metre no longer works, the case is broken and so I have to use a tripod, but otherwise is still taking good photos. I like taking b&w shots but the problem is that it’s best printed yourself, which is what I did back in 1998 but am lazy these days. These old cameras take really nice b&w pics with soft contrasts.

Round Island, Seychelles
On Round Island, Seychelles, they serve really good tuna
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Northwest Spain – Cliff Notes on the Flysch Route

Flysch cliffs

I had a grand plan to walk at least half of the 15km Flysch Route, a cliff top walk along the coast south of San Sebastian between Zumaia and Deba. However, the tourist information office in Zumaia looked at us and recommended that we just walk out to the view point. I guess we looked that unprepared. Nonetheless, I'm grateful for their advice because the seemingly short 4km excursion actually kept us occupied for two hours.

The Flysch Route gets its name from a particular rock...

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Pic of the Day – Still Gazing in Bridport, Tasmania

This is my sister-in-law’s hometown – well, the beach part. There was a pier that burnt down. I took this photo in Nov. 2010 when we did a short road trip through Tasmania. This was taken with my first digital SLR, a Nikon D200, which I used from 2005-2013. I used an 80-200mm set at 120mm and f8, 1/250, ISO100. The lens weighed a ton. Incidentally, I think Tasmania is a good place to visit, especially if you want a place you can drive at your own pace and have your kids with you.

Bridport Pier, Tasmania
I’m still gazing!
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