I Tigli in Theoria in Como – Modern Italian in an Enchanting Space

Theoria restaurant Como

I Tigli in Theoria is a Michelin starred modern Italian restaurant with fantastic pastry in a beautiful courtyard building in central Como. This was our first meal in Como - a large seven course lunch at the chef's table with a view of the kitchen. Unfortunately, having just arrived after a 12-hour flight, it was difficult to fully enjoy what we were eating. Nonetheless, I'm glad I was able to squeeze in a visit and overall, I think it's well worth having a meal here. The tasting menu costs...

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Odette – Divine Dining if Not For the Wine Pairing

Odette's signature egg dish

One of Singapore's more highly lauded fine dining restaurants since it opened in late 2015, Odette's food definitely deserves its accolades. In fact, it's likely to be one of those with Michelin stars when the inaugural list for Singapore is published in July. In short, the food is good but our experience was marred by a rather bizarre wine pairing that seemed to fight Chef Julien Royer's creations rather than to complement them (at least in my simple non-expert view - I've seen contrary...

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Royal J’s Seafood – Hits and Some Miss

Royal J's Seafood is a highly lauded coffeeshop for local (Singapore/Malaysia) style Chinese food with some standout dishes but also some odd items. For me, the outstanding items were the fried porridge, and the two chicken dishes - one fried and one steamed. Two of the other main house specialties, the crab with glass vermicelli and the prawns with cheese, disappointed us. And with the hot weather in Singapore recently, eating at Royal J's, which is located in a food court with no air...

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Kehinde Wiley – Catch His Works

One of the my favourite young american artists, Kehinde Wiley, showed a series of works at the Seattle Art Museum and I was lucky enough to be town during the exhibit which ran till May 8, 2016. Kehinde is best known for his portraits of African Americans whom he places in historically well known classical artwork poses. In doing so, he elevates the models he finds off the streets of Brooklyn or elsewhere into positions usually reserved for those with higher status. The exhibit titled...

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Takehara – Scenic Launch Pad to Hiroshima’s Coastal Islands


The coast surrounding the Seto Inland Sea near Hiroshima is one of the most scenic in Japan and Takehara, with its nicely preserved Edo-era historic center, is a well located base from which to explore the area. We were here at year-end spending a day exploring the town before taking a drive and ferry ride for a round trip visit to nearby islands. Takehara is probably best known these days for Nikka Whiskey, with the family still residing in town, as well as being the setting for a popular...

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