Sasagin, Tokyo – Late Summer Goodness at a Favourite Izakaya

Every time I visit Tokyo, I look forward to squeezing in dinner at Sasagin especially when there are seasonal goodies to try. This time round the Sanma fish (or Pacific Saury in english and, according to Wikipedia, also known as the mackerel pike) was in season and it was simply grilled with salt. The Sanma is an oily fish but much less fishy than mackerel or sardine. And when its grilled just right with salt, all you need is a squeeze of lime or lemon. While also known for a great...

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Kanazawa – Three Good Meals

Fancy some great seafood? There are a few good reasons to go to Kanazawa - one being the fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, the other two in my opinion are the Kutani porcelain and Kenrokuen Garden (see my photos). The new bullet train link to Tokyo makes a short trip to Kanazawa, known as "little Kyoto", all the more accessible. I spent two days, one night in Kanazawa a year ago (see my earlier blog and suggested itinerary) and had three good meals. Pricing ranged from a relatively...

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Boruto – For a Sake Fix with Decent Food

Boruto Singapore tapas

My friends and I wanted to have a decent meal but nothing too long and too precious so we dropped in on Boruto for good sake based drinks and decent bites. This izakaya is about its sake drinks, homemade umeshu and largely uncomplicated tapas. Enjoyable dishes include its nicely grilled spare rib, stuffed chicken wing and deep fried pork belly. My main gripe is probably its downstairs seating which felt bit too spartan.

Boruto is the sister restaurant of Tamashii Robataya (see...

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BAM! – This Tapas-Sake Bar is Still a Hit

Steamed egg with fresh crab

At first, a Spanish tapas sake bar seems a bit odd but more than a year on, BAM! remains a hit with chef Pepe Moncayo still serving really good food to go with Sake pairings. Pepe continues to add new dishes, probably best experienced through the omakase menu but favourites are still available. I continue to enjoy visiting once in a while to see what's new and knowing that Pepe's friendly and humble demeanour and good food will not disappoint.

My first visits to BAM! consisted of...

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Tokyo’s Sasagin – Great Food and Sake in this Izakaya

Sasagin Izakaya

There is a lot of good food in Japan - essentially places that mainly locals go and Sasagin would be one such neighbourhood izakaya. Izakaya, in my mind, are like pubs or tapas bars where the focus is on the drinks and generally decent food happens to be served as an accompaniment. In Sasagin's case, the food is also excellent while sake is the owner's forte.

A Japanese foodie friend recommended we come to Sasagin - good food without having to pay a lot for it. While not much english...

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