Akira Back in Singapore Melds Japanese and Korean Influences Delectably

From his Korean roots, Akira Back blends in a Japanese reverence for subtlety and quality inputs to produce deliciously creative dishes with a nuance of America. The main foundation of the food remains raw fish (Akira is a trained sushi chef) but it has been given a twist using Korean influenced sauces and garnishing. Within all this is a decidedly modern presentation.  Akira has restaurants located in Las Vegas, Seoul and Jakarta but we ate at his Singapore branch, which sits in...

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Otowa Yakitori – My Vote for Singapore’s Best Yakitori

Otowa Yakitori is possibly Singapore's best yakitori restaurant - it's an authentic, hole-in-the-wall place with no frills but an intense attention to the quality of its food. The chicken skin is grilled evenly crispy and the quail eggs melt-in-your mouth.

As a measure of its authenticity, Otowa serves a variety of raw chicken which is only possible because the restaurant gets its chicken delivered on the day that it's slaughtered. However, it's the cooked food that I like.

Located on...

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Terra – Italian with a Tokyo Touch

Terra Singapore

Terra restaurant is proof again that a Japanese twist on western products and food often surpasses the original. Chef Seita Nakamura's cuisine is firmly rooted in what he terms "Tokyo Italian", which is recognisably Italian but with ingredients that are Japanese. If done well, and Terra does, the traditional European dishes have a more subtle touch and some novelty.

Located on Tras Street in Singapore, which is now home to a number of good eateries, Terra is open Mondays to...

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Tamaya Dining – Good Sushi Without Mortgaging Your House

Update: Sushi chef Koike Koji recently resigned from Tamaya so the quality and dishes could be changing.

Let's face it, the economy is a bit challenging these days and so we look of alternatives to get our sushi fix without breaking the bank. Tamaya Dining in Singapore's "Japan Town" - essentially the area within and around Cuppage Plaza just off Orchard Road - is a good place to scratch that sushi itch.

This izakaya seats around 16 people downstairs around the...

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Isshin – For True Meat Lovers, Raw or Cooked

Isshin Kyoto

This is beef, possibly at its utmost incarnation. Isshin presents the best parts of high quality Japanese cattle, from tongue to tail, in a variety of Kyoto kaiseki inspired interpretations including one that resembles the local sushi. While I had some reservations about this 2-Star Michelin restaurant, particularly as it involves eating raw beef, it was probably the best food experience I've had in recent months. Dishes were creative but were careful to highlight the natural taste and...

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